I got unbelievably high on zolipedm last night. home with my nan and little sister. I know its pathetic but i had one tablet because i was having an anxiety fit, and after taking one 5mg… i took another three/four. i was scared that the feeling would end. I was basically talking to the voices of the music i was listening to and talking to pictures on tmublr in my head and they were talking back but i couldn’t hear them, like in a dream. my nan came and i tried to act normal, but I’m sure was i wanst doing a good job of it :D i barely remember what she said, and apparently she brought me a fruit salad, because then later she was like eeeey eat your fruit.  i made a weird fucking piece of art which i don’t remember doing. I’LL post it later. peace x 



So I’ve not been on tumblr very long. But I would like to ask my followers to do me a favor (whether you know me or not.)

As most of you know, I have epilepsy. (That’s what my avatar/picture is for.) I was diagnosed four years ago this easter, and it’s been a really tough battle for me to deal…